Buying a domain name, or not . . . .

March 24, 2009
You may have noticed that the address for this website is: This site will host your website (host/hosting means that it will make your site available for the public to view) absolutely free.

If however, you did not want "synthasite" to appear in the address (eg, then follow the option to purchase your domain name for $19.95/year - this price is most likely in US funds.

page or blog . . you get to choose!

March 24, 2009
When you select "new page" in the menu - you are automatically given the choice to create a simple page or a blog.

For those who may be asking, a blog is basically a shared online journal (this page is a blog, as an example). Instead of updating text (as you would on a regular page) you would simply create a new entry.

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My work today

March 24, 2009
Dear Reader,
Today I found a great site that will create a website for your church fast and easy. It has some great features which I will outline.

Visit Synthasite

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